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May 19, 2013 2:30am EDT
of defense. but if dow invests in these coastal ecosystems, there are a whole bunch of environmental cobenefit. >> and then you have one major mistake that totally changes the perception of business, of -- like the bp oil spen in 2010, took a terrible toll on the company's reputation on the idea that you could actually be drilling deep water safely. >> right. >> mistakes will happen. >> mistakes will happen. we all have to be kind of humble. environmentalists will make a mistake, business will, the government will too. and by the way, there are also bad actors out there. we're not naive. well get the idea there is a need to keep an eye on business. but there is huge untapped opportunity to pursue these win-wins, a more collaborative approach to protecting nature. >> give me your take on the top couple of most worrisome issues toward nature right now. >> a couple come to mind right off the bat. here at home in the u.s., we need to rebuild bipartisan support for the environment. we've kind of lost that. we need a strong government partner. water issues loom large too. but in water, the
May 19, 2013 9:00am EDT
secretary of defense donald rumsfeld returns to "meet the press." this time he's out of office and weighing in on the big issues in "rumsfeld's rules."
May 19, 2013 6:30pm EDT
, the white house went on the defensive today. though the president himself steered clear of the controversies. nbc's peter alexander has the latest. >> bomb! bomb! >> reporter: with the president addressing graduates at the historically black morehouse college in atlanta today, no mention of the convergence of trofrz sti controversies still brewing in washington. the washington is aggressively responding calling this aggressive and absurd. on the irs issue -- >> no question republicans are trying to make political hay. >> reporter: a senior advisor speak out. >> when they want to do when lacking a positive agenda is try to drag washington into a swamp of partisan fishing expeditions and trumped up allegations. >> reporter: president obama's agency promising a top-down review. >> there is a culture of intimidation throughout the administration. it is no wonder that the agents and the irs sort of get the message. the president demonizes his opponents. >> reporter: but gop leaders concede there is no evidence the white house ordering the targeting of conservatives. >> we don't have anything to s
May 18, 2013 5:00am EDT
of the area and conditions made it difficult to prepare a defense. white is one of 25 including 13 female corrections officers alleging widespread corruption inside the baltimore detention center and we also learned the head of the investigative unit is leaving for the u.s. department of veterans affairs. jesse ballard oversaw investigations and they say ballard's move is not connected to the corruption case. >> we are learning about a grizzly discovery, baltimore police are investigating a woman's death as a homicide. they found the woman's body and say an injured male was transported to a hospital. no word yetn how the woman died or the extent of the man's injuries, but police say they do believe the crime was domestic. >> in an attempt to curb animal abuse it started with the -- ing of a vicious dog vicious burning of a dog in 19 in 2009. >> police released this report only after we asked when it would be made public. a pit bull named phoenix burned so badly in 2009 she eventually had to be euthanized. it led to national charges and led then mayor sheila decisions on the set up an anim
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4